Ending the month with a Bang!

Bang bang shrimp that is. Read on to see just how October started.baked bang bang shrimp (Not to mention my hubby’s big project at work came to the crucial implementation!)
It has been quite a day. Started with waking at 2 a.m. with a terrible toothache. Got the pain to back off some by rubbing my jaw with Bengay but didn’t sleep well at all. Got up to take Keith to work so i could get to dentist (who didn’t open til 8:30 so I sent an email outlining the situation). While en-route to drop the hubs off we blew a tire. We called AAA. It started to spit rain. We hurried to finish emptying the trunk as one of his coworkers pulled up & they decided to change the tire themselves. Called & cancelled assistance. I took the opportunity to call my dentist whom I was informed was on vacation this week and no other dentists were in either. Dropped the hubby off & called another dentist. They were able to work me in at 11. I limped into Sam’s club to get tire fixed. It’s around 9 & there is only one other person ahead of me. I was given an estimate of about an hour to fix so proceeded to do my monthly Sam’s Club shopping. The list isn’t long and after ringing out I go to check on tire progress only to find the tire couldn’t be fixed. While the nice associate, Kevin, attempts to explain my options, I dial my hubby & hand Kevin the phone. Of course tires for our vehicle would be special order so we decide to replace all 4 which will give us a price advantage due to a special Sams club is running. Now it will take another 2 hours to complete this new job. Ugh! I call the dentist and talk to my new best friend of the morning, receptionist Jill. I explain the interesting events of the day & see if there is anyway she can work me in for the afternoon. She procures a 2 o’clock spot for me. While waiting yet again I strike up a conversation with the lady who has kindly sought permission to sit at my table as she too awaits her car to be finished. We people watch and during our sharing I discover her husband is home recovering from cancer surgery the previous day. The doctors are sure they removed all effected cells and she had decided to use her time today while he was still feeling the affects of the “good” meds to get some things done. We talk about our memberships in the YMCA and how she does water aerobics as continuing physical therapy having had both knees replaced this past summer. I tell her of my adventure with my elbow & this days events so far. I offer to check on our cars so she wont have to walk on the concrete floors so much. I find Darrel who checked me in first this morn clocking back in from lunch. He wasn’t sure of our status but said he would call us over the PA system when they were ready. I kind of pulled him aside and explained how being a “mature” woman my ears were not accustomed to filtering out the different sounds emminating from the overhead speakers. He assured me he would call my phone when all was ready. I returned to the “cafe” area to apprise my friend of the update. In about 5 minutes Darrel came walking towards us with two sets of keys in his hands. Both vehicles were ready! As we pushed our carts around to the garage area and hit our remote key locks we found our 2 white cars side by side; hers a 4 door Honda and mine a Hyundai. We laughed and commented on God’s sense of humor and wished each other a better day full of blessings. I had just enough time to get my wilting strawberries home before rushing to the dentists office.
1:30 read the clock when I met Jill face to face. I thanked her again for all she had done for me that morning as she handed me a clip board full of new patient forms to fill out. It was all I could do to stay awake and alert while keeping my dentist anxiety at bay awaiting to be escorted to “the chair”. Brenna cheerfully met me and brought me to get x-rays of the throbbing area of my mouth. Admitting she was no dentist Brenna offered her diagnosis of an abscess with possible tooth decay of the tooth anchoring my bridge. I had to concur and after my consult with the dentist it was confirmed. I needed a root canal. Not to be out done by the mornings shenanigans, fate decided to add a bit more drama to the afternoon. As I sat discussing my financial obligations for this procedure with Michele, their computer software denied any knowledge of my insurance coverage. Now Jill had verified everything that morning as I provided group #s and plans over the phone and at one point there were 3 employees standing around a monitor trying to figure out what was wrong while another employee was on the phone to the insurance company which verified I was indeed covered. Everyone decided it was time for a break and as I was assuring Michele that God knew this too and all would be sorted she opened up to me about having to play catch up on paperwork because she had had yesterday off and how concerned she was for her daughter (in school studying for the mission field) who with 5 of her girlfriends had decided to tent camp in Colorado this fall break week never taking into consideration there may be snow. She related how the group had awakened to 3 inches of snow Monday morning and retreated to a Starbucks for warm coffee and to strategize that nights lodging options (which were few). God showed Himself faithful again as a youth pastor and his wife were at that same Starbucks and having overheard their plight offered them shelter in the church basement and access to the kitchen. Michele pulled up a picture of them in their sleeping bags on her phone to show me. By this time the glitch with insurance and the computer had been fixed and I was supplied with prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics to prepare me for my 9 a.m. appointment in the morning for my root canal. I was back in the car and setting my gps for the quickest way to my pharmacy. [Side note* don’t always trust Google maps. It showed the dentist office to be on the street behind its actual location ]. It is now 3:30 p.m. and I realize I haven’t eaten. Knowing that I may have a wait while my prescriptions are filled I plan to grab something at the hospital cafeteria (where my pharmacy is located) . A quick text to Keith apprising him of the dentist visit outcome alerts me to the fact that he also has prescriptions there for me to pick up. Traffic is a breeze as I navigate to my destination. I find a parking spot close to the hospital and am almost jubilant as I walk up to the drop off area of CVS. You may have already guessed this isn’t the perfect ending to my days excursions. They can get my antibiotics -no problem but the pain medicine would be a special order taking 2 weeks. I politely ask the tech “you do know this is for pain, right?” Not wanting to be a pain and foreseeing the outcome should I push the issue, I take the pain scrip back assuring them I will deal with it & just process the antibiotics. I forego eating as I was afraid anything I might have to chew would just add to my dilemma. After another 30 minute wait I have all the prescriptions in hand and pick up Keith from work. He is such a sweetie. He drives home commenting on how the new tires feel, thanking me for taking care of an unexpected situation and promising me all the soft foods I want for supper. We finally arrive safe & sound at the apartment and agree this day is one for the books. As I reflect on the days events I see how very blessed we are . I see God’s hand of safety on us while we changed a tire on the side of a very busy road. I see His provision for money to cover the tires and insurance for my tooth. I was given insight into how He is working in other’s lives as well. We are truly blessed.
So there you have it : My most excellent adventure – so far . . .

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