A Sprinkling

lovie and booties (2)The weather has been a bit rainy lately with the remnants of hurricane Irma moving through but that is not the reference here. I had never heard of this until I moved to this area. I am referring to a party thrown for a couple who already has a child and are expecting another. They have most of the basics acquired from their first born’s “shower” so the hostess encourages attendees to “sprinkle” the expecting family with incidentals like baby wipes, diapers and gift card.  My husband’s co-worker was the honoree and I made this lovie and a pair of booties for the event.  Of course there was a big brother in the family so I couldn’t exclude him (his brother, who wasn’t even present yet, was receiving all these gifts) so I included a sack of chocolates for him. Always think of everyone involved.bag for big brother

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