Life Lines

cowl with edgingNo, I am not talking about phoning a friend or asking the audience.  I am talking about inserting a “line” of yarn through a row on a project in progress so if you drop a stitch or miscount a row, etc., there is a place that you can return to that is perfect. Then you can begin again with a clean slate.  It can be a lifesaver!  This piece I am working on now has a particularly engaging pattern for the edge.  The pink line is my life line.  I have 272 rows of this edging.  I would hate to have to redo all rows should there be an overlooked dropped stitch or mistake.  So if I insert a piece of yarn every 24 rows or so then I won’t have lost all hope in completing this already overdue gift.  Try using this safety tip when working on a big project.  You won’t regret it.

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