Fall Cleaning

I know a lot of people have Spring Cleaning (and I do that too) but I also need a Fall Cleaning of my house.  After a full summer of fun, vacationing, gardening, & entertaining on the deck (not to mention lawn maintenance ) I have found that a deep, thorough cleaning is essential!

The kitchen is the first room to receive my attention.  So today I am scrubbing the floor of the most used room in my house.  It is still a little warm here in Tennessee which requires a lot more of “sit in front of the fan to cool down” breaks along with re-hydrating drinks.  The dirt is coming off reluctantly so I have 2 types of scrub brushes and my enthusiasm has overdone this project.  I foresee a “sealant” treatment before moving on to the other rooms but when I am done I will be ready for the rush of holidays that come at this time of year.  Well, my floors will be ready 🙂  And tomorrow I work on the bathrooms!!

Happy Fall Cleaning!!!

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