Wedding Day!

order of serviceThe day has arrived!  We had our “Save the Date” magnet, our invitations and now the time has come to attend the ceremony.  We met one of the sisters (great aunts) at the hotel and my trusty brother-in-law, David, led the caravan from there.  I just have to break out in song here because that is the silliness that was going on at the time.  Sung to the tune of Over the river & through the woods:

Over the creek beds and through the fields to Poetry Springs we go,
The bro-in-law knows the way and just what to say to keep us sisters in toe -oh!
One truck behind us and bumps in the road we soldier on our way;
The great aunts and grandma will soon arrive for Brandon’s wedding day!

Yes, it was just that crazy but a sweeter ceremony would be hard to find.  And if you think the ride over was filled with frivolity just wait until I tell you about the reception!

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