Dress Up

When we were little my sisters and I liked to play dress up and that hasn’t changed over the years.  While packing for the trip I included 3 extra wedding outfits, 2 extra boxes of jewelry, and lots of shoes. (You don’t need to know the number).  I knew that we would all model our outfits (there are 4 of us so this would take time).  Then of course we would set about checking to see what accessories we had in the pooled resources to attain the best look for each of us.  My scarf went with one sister’s outfit, another sister’s pin made my dress shine, etc.  Questions of fashion etiquette were discussed : no, you don’t have to absolutely wear hose – it is an outdoor ceremony; yes, a sweater, jacket or wrap is advisable – it is an outdoor ceremony. Makeup, hair styles, everything you could think of we covered it.fingernail fun  My apologies to my wonderful brother-in-law for all our craziness.  He was so tolerant of all of the sisters being together for this special occasion: the first of the “grands” to be married.

We are so excited. . .  except for the car ride to the event.  But that’s another story.

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