Change Is In The Wind

One of my friends posted this quote to Twitter:  ”Smell that? It’s opportunity! Go get it! ” .  I didn’t know just how much this would affect me in the coming months.  At the time she wrote this many months ago, our family was just entering into a “what now” season.  Our eldest had just moved into his own apartment and I sent one half of my household items with him.  My husband was implementing a big project at work and I was trying to define what audience I wanted to reach with my passion for all things thread (crochet thread, tatting thread, embroidery thread, yarn, etc.).  Everything was going fine – famous last words.

The memo came down that once again there would be no raises at work and jobs were being “redefined”. Then one of my best friends needed help that would take me away from home for a while. After prayer and family discussions it was decided that I would offer whatever help was needed by my friend and different work options were to be pursued.   “I know the plans I have for you” was the Bible verse I leaned on heavily.  My husband began consulting which meant travel and I was in a climate where “hot & humid” were the norm.  None the less, I enjoyed it.

Again, we sought direction and guidance for our lives.  We added “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” to our devotional list.  Change is hard but that does not stop it from happening.  I enjoy my constant schedule and that was now in an uproar.  My new normal was to be prepared for anything.  After my time of service to my friend was completed my family had another meeting to try and sort a path for this time in our lives.  After many interviews and job offers, my husband chose to try coastal living for a time and change once again has hit us.  While he has taken a small apartment close to work (well, relatively close) I am trying to sort 25 years of living in this house down to a manageable mess.  Even dividing the remaining household items ( the half left after providing the afore mentioned eldest) to my husband so he could set up his own housekeeping has left me with more than ample materials with which to have an enormous garage sale.

On top of all this I get an announcement of “Save the Date” from my first great-nephew for his wedding.  Of course this means road trip!  And what tales there will be to share. Now back to sorting and cleaning and praying.  A lot of praying. . .  with just a bit of crochet thrown in.

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