Easy Coffee Cozy

My friend saw a picture on Pinterest depicting a Halloween nightmare skull themed coffee cozy.   I made the comment that it would be easy to do.  Everyone at our crochet club rolled their eyes. ” It is easy for you” was the general consensus.  So I am going to take you step by step through making this wrap.

I started with the face because it is a basic circle pattern consisting of 6 rows.  I started with a center of 10 sc proceeding outward with increases in every stitch, then every other stitch for the second row, after 2 stitches for the third row continuing the stitches by 1 between the increases for each row.  Beginning with the face helps me determine the width of the cozy band.DSCF1852



The first order for the band was to crochet enough chains to go around the cup.  In this case – using a size G hook and worsted weight yarn – it took 35.  I joined to form a ring and then using the simple* Ch 1, sc in each stitch across, ending in join with first sc with a slip stitch* formula, I made 3 rows of the base color (black).  Then I changed to white for one row and alternated between the black and white yarn for 7 rows (4 white rows total). Finish with 3 more black rows.

From here use your creative side to make the decoration on the circle.  It could be a mask, a pumpkin carving, a ghost – whatever you decide.  I am cutting the features for this cozy out of felt and gluing them on with added stitching for the mouth.  Finally, stitch the circle to the band for the finished project!


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