Simple Owl

This is the quick Christmas gift I shared last week at the Crochet, Etc club meeting.  Sooooo Cute and easy to make.

With size 8 knitting needles, cast on 15.  Knit the first two rows then alternate knit and purl rows until the 16th row.  Knit the next two rows.  Do not bind off.  Cut yarn leaving a 12 inch tail and thread through a yarn needle. Remove the knitting needle from your work leaving 15 loose loops.  Thread the yarn through the loops and draw tightly, closing to form the bottom of the owl;  secure with a knot.  Sew the edges together stopping at the top.  Place an orange yarn duplicate stitch in the front middle of your owl 5 rows down from the top.  Fill with fiberfill.  Continue sewing closed across top.  Tie 2 inch lengths of yarn at each end forming the owl ears.  Apply 2 white felt eyes about 3/8 inch in diameter adding a black bead to each center.

I hope you have as much fun with these as we did.  Happy Holidays!!!

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