Knit Broomstick Lace

I remember making broomstick lace with my Mom & Aunt many years ago.  Well, now it is back in style and I am having a fun time working up scarves and shawls in this pattern.

When the ladies at the knit guild heard we were doing a class on broomstick lace they thought the class would consist of multiple yarn overs that are dropped on the next row to make lace.  However, the way I learned those many years ago was using a size 50 needle, knitting from a smaller size needle to the larger with a few rows added in between.

The beautiful scarf shown here was made using a simple pattern.  I chose to make a group of 5 clusters but you could make it as small or as wide in width as you want.  Start with a multiple of 4 – in this case 20.  I chose to cast on to the size 50 needle but some women tried a few rows on the size 10’s first and that worked fine also.  Do what you are comfortable with.  If you would like to have the full pattern please message me below and I will get it to you in its entirety.

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