Materials & Gauge Matter

A designer considers a lot of factors when creating a new project. Yarn weight and gauge make a huge difference to the end product. So whenever I hear someone say that gauge doesn’t really matter when constructing a project or they have a better yarn to use, I cringe – and here is a good example of why it really does matter.  Look at the photos below:

Here we have 3 different swatches of the same pattern worked with the same hook but with different thread.  Notice the size difference in the blue piece as compared to the mint and variegated pieces.  This comes from not using the right yarn to produce the correct gauge.  A cotton/wool blend yarn was recommended. The blue is cotton but it is not the weight instructed and the very texture of it conflicts with the interweaving pattern.

The mint and variegated swatches are the right weight but the variegated does not enhance the pattern that is worked into the piece.  Different colors call attention to themselves instead of blending into an cooperating with the pattern.  Using the mint, solid color allows the nuances of the design to hold the spotlight while obtaining the correct gauge; things to consider the next time you want to substitute materials or think  that gauge doesn’t matter that much.

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