Holiday Cheer!

It is that time of year once again for various parties and functions where you need beverages that are pleasing to the palate,  eye, & waistline.  This Grape/Cranberry punch is just the thing!  It is a simple recipe with amazing results.  Try it and see.

Grape/Cranberry Punch 


Grape/Cranberry cocktail juice [64 oz] (I use the diet- Lite)

Ginger-ale or any carbonated drink  [ 2 litre]( I use the diet 7up or Sprite or Sam’s club brand)

Mix 1 container of each together for a stronger cranberry taste or use  2 [2 litres] carbonated drink to 1 [64 oz.] juice for a lighter drink.

It is just that easy!  If you would like to serve with an ice ring then I suggest freezing full strength juice and placing it in the  2 to 1 recipe, otherwise just freeze the half and half mixture in a decorative container and add.

A quick and easy punch recipe for any party!



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