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Life Lines

No, I am not talking about phoning a friend or asking the audience.  I am talking about inserting a “line” of yarn through a row on a project in progress so if you drop a stitch or miscount a row, … Continue reading

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Wedding Day!

The day has arrived!  We had our “Save the Date” magnet, our invitations and now the time has come to attend the ceremony.  We met one of the sisters (great aunts) at the hotel and my trusty brother-in-law, David, led … Continue reading

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Hostess gifts and family

It seems I didn’t do the “publish on a certain date” thing right so a lot of my blogs didn’t get posted.  I will be releasing them in what may seem like a flurry of thoughts.  Please excuse. One of … Continue reading

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15 hour drive

We had all the bags packed and the car loaded as we left at dark-thirty. I had my pillow and light throw ready for my travel therapy.  With my son driving us in his 2-door, low to the road, 260 … Continue reading

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Soap Sack Loofah

Are you looking for a quick gift?  This little soap sack loofah is great!  It works up fast and is easy to do.  I made some for some of my girlfriends for Mother’s Day.  And using a 2 ply cotton … Continue reading

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Easy Coffee Cozy

My friend saw a picture on Pinterest depicting a Halloween nightmare skull themed coffee cozy.   I made the comment that it would be easy to do.  Everyone at our crochet club rolled their eyes. ” It is easy for … Continue reading

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Fried Green Tomatoes

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES   Summer just wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t have at least one batch of fried green tomatoes!  Usually I would make them with corn meal but I found something this year that took this summer delight … Continue reading

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Cinna”mmmmmm”on Rolls!

I made these yummy rolls to keep us warm on this cold weekend.  It was so easy because I used my bread machine to make the dough.  But you don’t need a bread machine; they can be made with a … Continue reading

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Cowgirl Hat

My friend asked me to crochet a cowgirl hat for her for a present.  I started looking for a pattern and couldn’t find any that I thought would work.  So I thought I would work up one of my own. … Continue reading

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No egg; no nog – egg nog

A great recipe for those who don’t usually like eggnog this recipe is a great substitute.  Enjoy!! 1 pkg (4 serving) instant pudding mix (I use sugar free) 8 oz.  Cool Whip ( I used lite) 1/2 Cup Sugar ( … Continue reading

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