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A Sprinkling

The weather has been a bit rainy lately with the remnants of hurricane Irma moving through but that is not the reference here. I had never heard of this until I moved to this area. I am referring to a … Continue reading

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Rellenos Casserole

What do you do when the nip of Fall comes early; Or maybe when your garden decides to take off after Labor Day and produce more than it has all summer? You reap your harvest before it frosts!  Now what … Continue reading

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And They Call It Tater Salad!

I love potatoes anyway you can fix them.  It is no wonder that I love this recipe for potato salad because it combines some of my favorite ingredients into a dish relished by my family and friends.  And it is … Continue reading

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New ruffle pattern!!

This is the ruffle scarf made with the Red Heart Sashay.  It is from the Red Heart Design Team. Cast on 143 stitches with the sashay A(skip every other hole) on size 9 circular needles (at least 29 inches long or … Continue reading

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Custom Order

This is my newest custom order.  She described what she had seen and was able to connect me to a picture.  This is the finished product of the tortoise shell mini blanket and hat.  I made one set for a new born … Continue reading

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Craft Fair Findings

Had a very busy day at the Art & Crafts pre-Christmas sale Saturday.  I met many people: a lot that crochet and some that knit.  There was even a lady visiting from out of state (who is really into spinning) that was … Continue reading

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