15 hour drive

We had all the bags packed and the car loaded as we left at dark-thirty. I had my pillow and light throw ready for my travel therapy.  With my son driving us in his 2-door, low to the road, 260 AC car I opted to sleep most of the day.  It was better for us all that way.  You may be wondering what  260AC is.  A hole was discovered in the air conditioning unit when we went to have it checked for the trip thinking we only needed some more Freon.  There was no time to get repair parts so for cooling we rolled down the 2 windows and went over 60 mph to get the air flowing and that was how we rolled on down the road!

God was so very generous to us though as we had cloudy conditions and a few rain sprinkles all along the way and with Trev at the wheel we were definitely supplied with enough cooling air for the trip. He was so happy to enter TX with the speed limits he liked. I just sat back & enjoyed the view.  So much had changed since our last trip but I knew we were in the lone star state when I spotted the bluebonnets.

It was so nice to arrive at my sister’s house before dark (gotta love those summer daylight saving times); and it was a relief to get out of the car.  15 hours is a long time but I would do it all again to see my sisters – and to go to my grand nephew’s wedding.

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