O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

DSCF1940A friend showed me a Christmas trees she was making from an idea she saw on-line that was in Russian.  Since she didn’t have a complete pattern I accepted the challenge to come up with an English version and while I was at it I decided to play around and come up with two different ones!

DSCF1952The first one is comprised of branches made of single crochets worked along an extension off the main chain.  The second is worked with slip stitches.

You start with a chain of 131 stitches and work a single crochet in each chain for the the base.  Then along this base you work branches in groups of 10 starting with 6 chains off the main base and working single crochets back down to the beginning.  Secure this with a slip stitch into the 1st single crochet. Move to the next single crochet and repeat.  After these 10 branches are constructed work on the next 10 branches increasing the length of the branch by 1 stitch in each group until the end.  The tree will curl because of all the stitches worked in it. Now wrap the tree around either a dowel stick or a stiff wire gluing it in place;  Insert into a base of your choosing.  I used a wooden block drilled with a hole to fit the dowel.

Here is a picture of the one I made and decorated for my eldest’s apartmentDSCF1957.

I have a more detailed pattern you can purchase on Craftsy.  http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/other/mini-crochet-christmas-tree/123250



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