Quick Tip

Sometimes I find it hard to follow a pattern as it is written in; especially when it involves * and ** and go back and do from * to * 2 times.  Space constraints are to blame I suppose and  I end up writing out the pattern so I can follow all the twists and turns and go backs.  But even then if the a pattern is created over 10 rows and you have to repeat it 10 times to finish the item,  the result is a “tick marked” paper over the pattern by the time I am done.

pencil tick marks

My solution is to take my written instructions (long form) and slide them into a clear, plastic, page protector.  With a wax pencil or crayon (I have so many of these around that  I could supply Crayola with wax for a year) I can follow along the rows on the pattern making my check marks and when done, wipe it clean with a tissue, paper towel or cloth.  Now it is ready for the next pattern repeat.  So eliminate pattern frustration!  I hope this tip will help you as you work on your projects because crochet or knitting should always be fun.

Wax pencil marks on sheet protector

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