Tomato Truths

I can’t think of anything better than a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich in which to find a life statement.

Quality control took a bite before I could snap the picture

You may think I am crazy but I realized as I was constructing my masterpiece for brunch that a slice of tomato can tell you a lot. For the longest time I would slice my tomato straight across and arrange these circular pieces, overlapping for optimum fit, atop my bacon. Then came the realization that I didn’t have to cut perfect slices from this vine ripe treasure. I could come from the side with an angular cut to make a wedge or just stop before I sliced to the other side and have a squared edge to fit the toast.


This picture doesn't do justice to the various contours carved into this fruit.

That is a lesson I learned in my designs. I love to take vintage patterns and up-cycle them into creations for today’s styles. They don’t have to be a total copy from what was originally produced. I can use bits and pieces from a myriad of items (and I do) adding my own personal touches to produce a new “timeless” project to share with friends.

So have fun with your project whatever it may be. Don’t believe you have to conform to round tomato slices. I’m sure I never do. Try something new and wacky and do it today!

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