The Rodent was Right

Being 30 degrees outside with blowing snow inevitably means that Phil got it right – 6 more weeks of winter weather and it is doing its best to get in one more bite before spring! So I am staying inside and working on some quick Spring gifts which will hopefully hasten the season’s arrival.

Spring reminds me of clean, fresh, new starts so I decided to create some bath time designs to give to friends.  What I have to offer are 2 types of bath “poofs” and a loofah “soap sack”.  All can be made in an evening so get out your crochet hooks and have some fun.  Or if you want, I will make them for you and send them post haste so you can get in the swing of Spring too!  The set of 3 (1 soap sack and 2 puffs) can be purchased for $12.00-Free shipping.  Leave me a comment and I will contact you.



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  1. Edna says:

    i’m very glad i found your site.

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