Spicy Snacks To Warm a Cold Day

Another cold day here.  It makes it hard to get motivated.

Of course I had to break now and then for a snack and I had wanted to try Ellie Krueger’s Spicy Almonds http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/healthy-appetite-with-ellie-krieger-/spiced-almonds-recipe/index.html  so I switched my creative juices to the kitchen and had a healthy snack in just 20 minutes.  Also since the heater is cranked up almost all the time, the air was getting a little dry.  So I use my Mom’s solution to combat the winter dryness.   Using a tall can that I had recycled and washed, I set about to produce a homemade humidifier.   I used a cinnamon stick,  a palm full of allspice and some dried orange peel.  This went in to the can first and then I filled it with water and set it on the stove on the small burner on low.  Now my area is filled with the smells of winter and I am back to work on more projects.

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