Temperatures Rising!

Winter rushed in to give us a taste of what cold weather is really about this week and I retreated to my cozy rocker with my yarn and crochet hook.  I am still working on the ski band pattern and thought I’d share a little about the process.

My inspiration for this item came from being cold and looking at the offering of head ware.  Nothing I found was as soft looking and sophisticated as I could imagine and since I am always looking for a project I decided to try to replicate the design I had in my head.  Then my friend found a clearance table of headbands and let me borrow her purchase to use as a starting point.

Using the Tunisian crochet method I got to work.  I begin with just 3 foundation stitches and work about 5 rows in knit stitch and then increase 2 stitches and continue this pattern (5 rows and then an increase) until I have 13 stitches and then begin decreasing using the formula of 5 rows then a decrease.  After binding off the last row of 3 stitches I then chain 7 stitches and tie off at the beginning of the last row to form a loop for the button.   Weave in ends and sew button to opposite end of warmer.  Next I will talk about making the flower adornment I used.  The temperatures have begun to climb  so that I can once again venture out for more supplies with which to create.  Stay tuned!!


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