Craft Fair Findings

Had a very busy day at the Art & Crafts pre-Christmas sale Saturday.  I met many people: a lot that crochet and some that knit.  There was even a lady visiting from out of state (who is really into spinning) that was interested in Tunisian crochet.  The leaves were a hit!  Ideas from all the interest:  use as napkin rings using a ribbon or string tied around the napkin and through the leaf,  attach to a grapevine wreath or straw wreath, and  table decoration for Thanksgiving.  How would you use them?

I was also working on many projects during any down time.  These are just two of the 4 baskets or bags of yarn I took to help keep me calm during the event.  Do you think I had enough?!

Just a "few" yarns to help pass the time!

It was a fun time and now I am working on the special orders received; Crocheting, knitting, and creating more patterns.  I am lovin’ it!!

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  1. Ibrahim says:

    I am new to subscribing to this cheannl. Great stuff. I have all kinds of hooks. Susan bates,clover,boye and some old school susan bates from the sixties I got on ebay. When I was in New York for a trip. I went to Smileys yarns off of jamaica ave. I took the subway there. I bought a whole bunch of yarn at their great prices. I always go to joanns,michaels,ac moore,walmart and even thrift stores and buy yarn on clearance. I have so many boxes of yarn. lol

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