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Ending the month with a Bang!

Bang bang shrimp that is. Read on to see just how October started. (Not to mention my hubby’s big project at work came to the crucial implementation!) It has been quite a day. Started with waking at 2 a.m. with a … Continue reading

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A Sprinkling

The weather has been a bit rainy lately with the remnants of hurricane Irma moving through but that is not the reference here. I had never heard of this until I moved to this area. I am referring to a … Continue reading

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Chocolate Yummy

I was looking for a dessert that was southern, quick, & easy when I ran across one from It looked delicious but I didn’t have time to make the crust, the pudding and topping from scratch so I simplified. … Continue reading

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Life Lines

No, I am not talking about phoning a friend or asking the audience.  I am talking about inserting a “line” of yarn through a row on a project in progress so if you drop a stitch or miscount a row, … Continue reading

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Fried Green Mater Parmesan

I made this for a work potluck with my end of harvest abundance of green tomatoes.  It was a hit! Fried Green Mater Parmesan Ingredients: 4 – 6 Cups sliced tomatoes (cut in 1/4 inch rounds or smaller) drained on … Continue reading

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Rellenos Casserole

What do you do when the nip of Fall comes early; Or maybe when your garden decides to take off after Labor Day and produce more than it has all summer? You reap your harvest before it frosts!  Now what … Continue reading

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Fall Cleaning

I know a lot of people have Spring Cleaning (and I do that too) but I also need a Fall Cleaning of my house.  After a full summer of fun, vacationing, gardening, & entertaining on the deck (not to mention … Continue reading

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Wedding Day!

The day has arrived!  We had our “Save the Date” magnet, our invitations and now the time has come to attend the ceremony.  We met one of the sisters (great aunts) at the hotel and my trusty brother-in-law, David, led … Continue reading

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Dress Up

When we were little my sisters and I liked to play dress up and that hasn’t changed over the years.  While packing for the trip I included 3 extra wedding outfits, 2 extra boxes of jewelry, and lots of shoes. … Continue reading

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Hostess gifts and family

It seems I didn’t do the “publish on a certain date” thing right so a lot of my blogs didn’t get posted.  I will be releasing them in what may seem like a flurry of thoughts.  Please excuse. One of … Continue reading

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